You are all beautiful, courageous runners

I’d hug you but I’m sweaty

I see crazy people

Just run with it!

Hey Girls, your race pace is blowing my mind

You’re running purrrfectly. It won’t be much further meow.

Only 20 miles left

Fight On!

You’re doing MOOvelous

Smile if… Frown if…

The kids are fine. This is YOUR time!

Make Noise

This marathon needs more cowbell

We Can Do It!

Bet u wished you taped your nipples


Your hair looks sexy in this wind

Need motivation?

My Dad is #1

…you get 2 big snaps in Z formation!

Twizzlers heal injuries

Nipple chafing turns me on

“Marathon” is Greek for “terrible decision making”

No candy? This parade sucks

Since when is LONG and HARD a bad thing?

Instead of running, I made this sign. Time to beat: 18 mins


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