Make Noise

This marathon needs more cowbell

We Can Do It!

Bet u wished you taped your nipples


Your hair looks sexy in this wind

Need motivation?

My Dad is #1

…you get 2 big snaps in Z formation!

Twizzlers heal injuries

Nipple chafing turns me on

“Marathon” is Greek for “terrible decision making”

No candy? This parade sucks

Since when is LONG and HARD a bad thing?

Instead of running, I made this sign. Time to beat: 18 mins

Giddy up!

You were just passed by a 10 year old girl

BestRaceSigns.wordpress.comRead Hannah’s story here -> (source)

A bunch of serious looking white people are on your tail!

You run marathons…I watch them on Netflix

Kama Sutra for Runners

Hold On Pain Ends


Free Uber rides up ahead


Don’t wee in people’s gardens


You’re faster than me


Chuck Norris never ran a marathon


Stick w/ me. I’m gonna finish in the top 30!! (thousand)



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