You’ve got the runs



You should have taken a dump…


You’re the SH*T!


Who needs nipples?


A Penis

So weird, but I am sure it distracted runners for a few minutes.


Nobody looks good in Spandex


Smile if you aren’t wearing underwear

That’s what she said!

Marathon virgin no more

You’ve come so far…

A high five…get ready

Don’t stop…people are watching!!

Don’t stop believin’

Any idiot can run a marathon…

Temptation Station


We’re hungry…and dirty

Kick Assphalt

You’re not last

You got this!

…they were ‘special brownies’

Thanks to Dan from My Running World for the picture taken at this year’s San Francisco Marathon.

…chasing the ice cream truck

Hurry Up…

Run till it’s done!

Forward is a pace