Run, Grandpa, Run


A good runner with GREAT swimmers!

I love original, creative signs! Here is Ann, who is six months pregnant, cheering on her husband, Jim, at this year’s Marine Corps Marathon.


Have fun storming the castle!

A big thanks to Caroline for sharing the sign she made for the Marine Corps Marathon.


..Friday night sex baby

This fabulous sign was posted this morning on Remy’s World and also was sent to me by Jerry last week. It was seen at this year’s Marine Corps Marathon.

Free WHAT at the finish line?!

Make Sandy Your Biotch

The Red Felt Running Club, which has members across the US and Canada, was out in full force supporting runners during at the Marine Corps Marathon this past weekend.

And stay tuned: another great one from this group is coming Monday. Thanks, Allison!!

Frankenstorm can’t scare a runner

It’s only a hill

I thought you said 2.62