Condiment support


I <3 sweaty hugs

You’re a super hero

I thought this was a Cheers marathon? There’s still beer, right?

U-Haul ass

Clowns to the left. Jokers to the right.

Turn around! It’s a trap!!

Not training for 4 months…PRICELESS

I’d hug you but I’m sweaty

I see crazy people

Just run with it!

Hey Girls, your race pace is blowing my mind

You’re running purrrfectly. It won’t be much further meow.

Only 20 miles left

You’re doing MOOvelous

Giddy up!

Too chicken to run 26.2 (with costume)


Run, I farted! (with costume)


Run, Human, Run

How is the threesome going?

Thanks to Cat, One Step at a Time blogger, for submitting this sign that her friend, Adam, is holding. They were cheering on their team, DC Triathlon Club, onto winning the Mid-Atlantic USA Triathlon Club Championship at the General Smallwood Olympic Triathlon.