Rumor has it…



Pain now…Beer later


You should have taken a dump…


U trained too hard to walk. Move it!


Need more vaseline, eh?


If it was easy everyone would do it!


The import thing in life is not to triumph but to complete


Running makes the ground feel needed


Run like you have ants in your pants


Run, Grandpa, Run


Run like you are chasing squirrels

SquirrelsThanks, Nancy, for the submission. Sorry for the delay, the picture was buried in my inbox.

You are beautiful

Better you than me

Free lapdance


Running is a mental sport…


You are a sexy beast

Whether you think you can or can’t…


I <3 sweaty hugs

Deez Nuts


Could you BE running any more miles? -Chandler Bing

You’re a super hero

I thought this was a Cheers marathon? There’s still beer, right?

U-Haul ass

never never never give up